Talk of collaboration is all around us. But too often “collaboration” is spoken about but not acted on. It is used as a catch all for “working well together” but leaders aren’t equipped to know...

> How to make sense of the imperative to collaborate

> How to think critically and practically about collaborative projects

> How to build their skills to release the promised benefits

At Let’s Go we are collaboration specialists. Since 2013 we have been working with individuals and teams across sectors, around the world - overcoming challenges and transforming company culture. Our tried and tested learning and development offer works, and we invite you to learn like a global leader.

Collaboration Foundations

Key concepts. Practical tools. Applied learning.

Collaboration Foundations is a digital short-course that gives you the concepts and tools you need to collaborate productively. With videos, quizzes and opportunities to reflect on your personal context you will be left clearer and more confident.
Collaboration Foundations: Get Started!

Pulse Check

A psychometric test for collaborative groups

The Let’s Go Pulse Check is a way to get the facts on how a group is feeling. A simple survey (takes 4 mins to complete and works on any device) is sent to everyone in the group and results are synthesised into simple graphics that enable a rich conversation. Perfect as a check in. Find out more.

At Let's Go we develop leaders, unlock team potential and lead culture change.

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